Minnesota-Wisconsin Tuition Reciprocity Application

The Minnesota/Wisconsin reciprocity agreement allows Wisconsin residents to attend Minnesota public universities at in-state tuition rates.

This online reciprocity application is designed for Wisconsin residents attending Minnesota public institutions. The online reciprocity application is the easiest way to apply for reciprocity benefits. However, if you prefer not to apply online, a hard copy of the application is available for download. Minnesota residents should apply through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

Students attending a Minnesota stand-alone Technical College SHOULD NOT USE THIS APPLICATION. Instead, apply directly to the college. Private colleges do NOT participate in the tuition reciprocity program because they do not charge non-resident tuition rates.


Notice to Applicants

Section 7 (b) of the Federal Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 52a) requires that when any federal, state, or local government agency asks you to disclose your social security number you must be advised whether that disclosure is mandatory or voluntary, by what statutory or other authority the number is solicited, and what uses will be made of it. Accordingly, you are being advised that disclosure of your social security number is voluntary. Your social security number will be used to verify your identity, and as an identifier on your file in order to record necessary data accurately. As an identifier, the social security number is used in the reciprocity program for such purposes as processing the application form, program evaluation and reporting, and notification of student eligibility to colleges.

Pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 39.42, you are hereby informed that the information supplied in the process of this application will be used as follows: (1) in the processing and verification of the data supplied to determine the applicant's eligibility for this program; (2) for compilation and analysis of summary data relative to this program; (3) for dissemination of information to the educational institutions authorized by the student. You are not legally required to supply the requested information; however, failure to submit requested data may prevent further processing of the application. The only entities authorized by the law to receive this data are educational institutions at which you are seeking admittance, the appropriate administrative agency located in the state of the educational institution you attend, and auditors.

The application for a new academic year is available in the February preceding the new academic year (i.e. the application for the 2021-22 academic year; available in February 2021).

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OR download a hard copy of the application: