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July 2011

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HEAB Staff Update

As part of the budget process for the 11-13 biennium, the Wisconsin Covenant Grant is now part of HEAB. Please welcome Molly Vidal as she joins our staff. Molly will be responsible for the Wisconsin Covenant Grant and will be moving into our office the week of August 1st. You can reach her at molly.vidal [at] or (608) 261-7534.

WHEG–UW & Tech, and Tuition Grant shortfall

The shortfall that occurred in the WHEG–UW grant, WHEG-Technical Colleges grant and Tuition Grant has been solved. The WHEG-Technical College and Tuition grant shortfalls were addressed in a 13.10 session held on Tuesday, July 19th. The Joint Committee of Finance approved the request and we are waiting for processing to occur through the Dept of Administration. Once that process is complete Barb will be letting you know that the transactions have been loaded to your folder on our secure site. The WHEG UW shortfall was taken care of at the beginning of June and you should all have your disbursements and funding. Thank you so much for all of your patience during this process.

Notification List Processing Problems

We've had processing problems with the notification list since the run on June 29th. The problems that we have identified include: covenant scholars and foundation codes switched, missing TYPE filed, badly formatted number fields. The problems have been corrected and the files have been recreated from June 29th and replaced in your secure folders. The files from the notification run on July 6th and July 12th have also been corrected. Please let us know if you encounter any further issues, we appreciate your feedback!

Final notification list for 10-11 should be sometime next week.

Voucher Processing for 11-12

The first voucher for academic year 11-12 will be August 9th. You may begin to submit requests on Wednesday, August 3rd for the fall term.

The Covenant and Foundation Scholar voucher will be run on August 23rd.

1011 Grants Updates — Committed and Spent as of 06/21/11

TG (W codes 06/25/10) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 151.94% 136.96%
Spent 99.91% 98.36%
WHEG-TRIBAL (W codes 07/10) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 152.08% 132.92%
Spent 98.44% 94.96%
WHEG-UW (W codes 7/28/10 & Z codes 9/15/10) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 129.69% 128.49%
Spent 100.00% 99.68%
WHEG-WTC (W codes 5/6/10 & Z codes 8/3/10) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 164.03% 155.24%
Spent 100.14% 93.17%

1112 Grants Updates — Committed as of 7/12/11

TG (W codes 04/28/11) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 136.36% 149.95%
WHEG-TRIBAL (W codes 04/28/11) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 119.05% 124.24%
WHEG-UW Current This Time Last Year
Committed 124.63% 124.20%
WHEG-WTC (W codes 4/7/11) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 152.70% 164.68%

First time FAFSA filers comparison

The following numbers represent the number of students who have filed a FAFSA in the given academic year. These are only the initial application counts [F01s].

First week in May 2011
10–11 = 365,479
11–12 = 213,627
First week in May 2010
09–10 = 343,206
10–11 = 187,790

1112 Notification List

Distributed Wednesday afternoons:

July 27

August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

1112 Voucher Processing

Tuesdays and Fridays for files uploaded by noon. First 1011 Voucher: Tuesday, August 9

August 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, 30

Upcoming Events

Scheduled HEAB Board Meeting: August 5

Scheduled HEAB Training Dates: September 15; November 17

Please contact me by phone at (608) 267-2944 or by email at sherrie.nelson [at] if you have any questions, concerns or comments. Thank you!

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