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April 2011

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Covenant Grant Scholars Program

The file layout of the covenant grant program is included with the monthly memo. The file layout is only the order of the fields and will be at the end of your existing notification list. Please note that this layout contains information for the Covenant and Foundation scholars. We are anticipating receipt of data from the Wisconsin Covenant office at the end of April. Keep in mind however, that a student could become ineligible if they do not complete their pledge (not maintaining a B average, not completing 30 hours of community service, or not graduating). We will not be receiving the confirmed eligibility of the students until the middle of July.

1112 Notification List – Both Lists to be Distributed Weekly

The first 1112 Notification List will be distributed within the next couple of weeks. After that we will continue to run the 1011 list for distribution on Wednesdays, and will distribute the 1112 list on Thursdays. This will continue until the final 1011 list is distributed.

Final Voucher for 1011 — Friday, May 20th

Refunds are Due NOW

Please be sure to get your refunds processed immediately! With the shortfall in WHEG and Tuition grant it is extremely important that you get the refunds in as soon as possible so that we can turn the money around. An updated refund template is now available at under Information for Financial Aid Administrators. Please note that refund information goes to: HEABmail [at]

Notification List for 1011

Distributed Wednesday afternoons:

April: 6, 13, 20, 27

May 4, 11, 18, 25

Notification List for 1112

Distributed Thursday afternoons:

April 14, 21, 28

May 5, 12, 19, 26

AES List

Distributed Wednesdays:

April 20

May 11

Voucher Processing

Tuesdays and Fridays for files uploaded by noon.

April: 1, 5, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26, 29

May: 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20

Grants Updates — Committed and Spent

TG (W codes 06/25/10) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 151.72% 137.05%
Spent 98.50% 93.18%
WHEG-TRIBAL (W codes 07/10) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 151.95% 132.66%
Spent 98.52% 97.21%
WHEG-UW (W codes 7/28/10 & Z codes 9/15/10) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 129.75% 128.15%
Spent 99.86% 95.64%
WHEG-WTC (W codes 5/6/10 & Z codes 8/3/10) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 164.14% 155.26%
Spent 100.05% 94.71%

Upcoming Events

Scheduled HEAB Board Meetings: April 29 (if needed); August 5

WASFAA Spring Conference: April 13-15, 2011 at the Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva

Scheduled HEAB Training Dates: May 12 (Session Full); July 21; September 15

Please contact me by phone at (608) 267-2944 or by email at sherrie.nelson [at] if you have any questions, concerns or comments. Thank you!

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