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May 2009

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Voucher Format to Change for 0910 — Programming Alert

The format of the voucher upload will be changing for the 09-10 academic year. Currently, the request amount field requires 6 digits consisting of four dollar spaces and 2 cents spaces ($$$$¢¢); the new layout will drop the cents and leave those spaces blank. See below for examples of the old format and the new.

Old: 290000Smith john

New: 2900 Smith john

Grants Updates — Committed and Spent

TG (03/10/09) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 118.56% 94.09%
Spent 100.02% 100.00%
WHEG-TRIBAL (W codes 08/14/08) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 120.82% 124.23%
WHEG-UW (W and Z coded 12/3/08) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 116.46% 106.20%
Spent 99.21% 99.97%
WHEG-WTC (W and Z coded 8/21/08) Current This Time Last Year
Committed 170.07% 172.87%
Spent 99.68% 98.03%
TIP Current This Time Last Year
Committed 125.86% N/A
Spent 85.73% N/A

Refunds Are Due NOW

Also, please be sure to get your refunds processed immediately! This is the second year of the biennium and refunds processed late in the year will be remitted to the State General Purpose Revenue and will be lost to students. Please note that refund information goes to:

Notification List and AES List Processing

Notification List

AES List

Please check our web site for current notification list and voucher processing schedules.

Upcoming Events

Scheduled HEAB Board Meeting: August 7

Scheduled HEAB Training Date: July 16

Please contact me by phone at (608) 264-6181 or by email at if you have suggestions, questions or concerns.

Connie Hutchison
Executive Secretary

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