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August 2008

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Welcome Colette Brown — New TIP Grant Specialist

Colette Brown was recently hired by HEAB as a Grant Specialist and the Talent Incentive Program (TIP) will be one of her primary responsibilities. Colette will also be responsible for the HEAB web site, the Teacher Education Loan, and the Teacher of the Visually Impaired Loan. Colette previously worked at the Department of Administration in the Energy Services Division. You can contact Colette at 608-266-1665.

First 08-09 Voucher — Friday, August 15

The first voucher for 0809 is Friday, August 15. 08-09 vouchers can be submitted starting August 11.

Notification list and voucher processing schedule

Notification list: distributed on Wednesday afternoons

AES List — distributed on the following dates:

Voucher Processing — processed Tuesdays and Fridays for files uploaded by noon:

Please check our web site for current notification list and voucher processing schedules.

WHEG and TG Updates

TG Current This Time Last Year
08-09 Committed 123.85% 113.51%
WHEG-TRIBAL Current This Time Last Year
08-09 Committed 175.87% 150.74%
WHEG-UW Current This Time Last Year
08-09 Committed 112.93% 99.82%
WHEG-WTC Current This Time Last Year
08-09 Committed 158.77% 133.31%

New Notification List Layout, But...

The 08-09 notification list is out in the format used in 07-08.

We will soon be releasing a new format, a tab delimited file with a lot more detail. As soon as testing is complete we will get the details to everyone. Please note that we will continue to provide the delimited notification list in its current layout through the 08-09 processing year. Once we have completed testing and can provide you with the new list, we will begin distributing this list to all schools so your IT departments have time to adjust your programming.

Upcoming Events

HEAB Board Meeting: August 8

WASFAA Fall Conference at Egg Harbor in Door County: November 5-7

WASFAA Spring Conference in Madison: April 6-8

HEAB Training: September 18, November 20

Please contact me by phone at (608) 264-6181 or by email at if you have any questions, concerns or comments or suggestions. Thank you!

Connie Hutchison
Executive Secretary

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