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The Monthly Memo
April, 2006


First 06-07 Notification List, Annual Start-up Memos
The first 06-07 Notification List is scheduled to be available Friday, April 14. We will email as soon as it is placed in your SSL folders. The annual start-up memo with attached documents will be sent on Thursday, April 13.

BECAUSE YOU ASKED: ACH First Run on Monday
FINALLY, beginning next week we will be processing checks using electronic transfer of funds! DOA and the banks indicate that all seems to be working. When a voucher is processed you will be notified that your Voucher Register is in your SSL along with the date funds will be deposited into your account. We anticipate the funds to be deposited in two days from the time Department of Administration receives our request. Our normal process is that we run vouchers and Tuesday and Friday afternoons; Wednesday and Monday mornings the voucher request is sent to DOA; funds should be deposited into your account on either Friday or Wednesday, respectively. If you have any problems, please contact Connie, Barb or Sherrie. Kudos to the staff here, particularly Lee Hellickson, Sherrie Nelson, Mary Lou Kuzdas and Barb Moermond who spent many hours working on this project.

No, we canít get funds FROM you electronically at this time. HOWEVER, that is part of the re-write.

BECAUSE YOU ASKED: Selective Service - 0607 File Maintenance
Because Selective Service Registration is a Federal as well as a State requirement, we will be checking this ONLY during regular audits. Students with inaccurate information in this field will no longer be blocked in the award calculation process.

BECAUSE YOU ASKED: No More Individual Student Loan Checks
Beginning immediately HEAB will no longer be issuing individual student checks for our small forgivable loan programs. All checks will be made out to the school with the individual student information available on the Disbursement Report.

UW Refunds are Critical
Because of the wording of the statute, 05-06 refunds that come in after the end of the fiscal year must be returned to the General Fund and will not be available to students. PLEASE PROCESS REFUNDS EARLY!

NOTIFICATION LIST (http://www.heab.wi.gov/finaid.html)

We are running two notification lists, 05-06 and 06-07, on alternating weeks.
Lists are available in your SSL folder on Wednesdays:

05-06 List: Wednesdays, April 5 and 19
May 3 and 17
06-07 List: Wednesdays, April 12 and 26
May 10 and 24

AES NOTIFICATION LIST - Once a month (http://www.heab.wi.gov/finaid.html)
April 4
May 3
June 7

VOUCHER PROCESSING (http://www.heab.wi.gov/finaid.html)
In April, Vouchers will be processed Tuesday and Fridays. You will be notified when the Voucher register is available in your SSL folder.


Scheduled HEAB Board Meetings: July 21, 2006

Next HEAB Training Date: May 18, 2006

Please let us know if you are coming to training as materials are printed based on the number of people attending. To register for a session or for more information, please contact John Whitt at (608) 266-1665 or email him at john.whitt@heab.state.wi.us.

HEAB conducts one-day training programs for new and continuing financial aid administrators. The training session covers all aspects of the programs administered by HEAB, including:

The program begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends no later than 3:00 p.m. It is held at the HEAB offices at 131 W. Wilson St, Suite 902, Madison, WI. We have room for up to 6 people at each session.


Please contact me by phone at (608) 264-6181 or by email at connie.hutchison@heab.state.wi.us.

Connie Hutchison
Executive Secretary

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