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The Monthly Memo Archive

The Monthly Memo

June 1, 1998

Dear Colleagues,

Again, I encourage the submission of names of other staff members within your department or school who would like to be included on the mailing list for this monthly memo.

  1. As of 5/20/98 the following reflects what has been spent for the 1997-98 WHEG and WTG Programs:

      UW WHEG: 95%
      WTC WHEG: 98%
      WTG: 100%

    Please send refunds in as soon as possible. Funds have been carried back from 1998-99 to cover what remains to be vouchered from the WTG Program. Therefore, it is particularly important that schools who participate in the WTG program send refunds in as quickly as possible so 1998-99 funds can be replenished. Summer school grants will not be processed for either WHEG or for WTG. If funds do remain at the end of 1997-98, they will be carried forward to 1998-99.

  2. 1997-98 notification lists and other associated reports were printed 5/6/98 (mailed 5/6/98) and 5/20/98 (mailed 5/20/98). A June print date has been scheduled for 6/2/98. A final 1997-98 print date is scheduled for July 14, 1998. Please continue to cross reference your student record data with the notification list information.

  3. 1998-99 notification lists and other associated reports have been scheduled to print 6/9/98 and 6/23/98.

  4. June's vouchering jobs (for 1997-98) have been scheduled for Tuesday and Friday nights. The last day to request funds for 1997-98 is 6/12/98. This includes voucher requests for the Academic Excellence Scholarship Program as well. Requests must be in our office by NOON on 6/12/98. Please plan accordingly. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that your request can be loaded on the same day it has been received if the information arrives after 12NOON. Keep in mind that it takes two to three business days after the vouchering process runs before checks are physically printed. Contact me if you have any questions. It is very important that you request funds for students who are registered or who you know will indeed be attending your school. This will assist in reducing the number of refunds that are processed. Please refer to your October Monthly Memo, under point three, which references the timeframe in which funds must be returned. PLEASE RETURN REFUNDS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, ESPECIALLY FOR SOME OF THE SMALLER PROGRAMS. This will ensure that available funds are spent.

  5. When sending refunds to HEAB please include the following:

    • School Code
    • Student's Name
    • Student's Social Security Number
    • Amount of money that is being returned for the individual student
    • Type of program the funds have been disbursed from and the Disbursement Code
    • What semester or term the funds were originally disbursed for
    • Voucher Number

    HEAB staff has been spending an increasing amount of time trying to determine some of the details mentioned above which is causing a delay in processing. Thank you in advance for providing this level of information.

  6. For those interested, we have put together a template to be used for the return of refunds. Please let me know if you are interested in using this process. We have already had a very positive response. I thank those of you who have shown an interest.

  7. File layouts for FM and V requests have not changed for 1998-99. As you know, we no longer accept FM or V requests sent via paper, tape, or cartridge; which started with the 1998-99 academic year. We have also had a good response from schools who would like to use the Advantis Hook-up option. If you have not already established how you will submit FM or V requests to HEAB in 1998-99, please feel free to contact me to discuss the options that are available.

  8. You should have already received a packet of information and applications to be used for 1998-99 that was sent along with the first notification list. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the information that was sent to you.

  9. The 1998-99 voucher process will begin August 4, 1998. You may begin sending in voucher requests the last week in July.

  10. Now that it has been almost a year since the "data receipt" concept was implemented, I would like to ask you for some feedback about the process. Do you find the data receipts helpful? Should we continue to send them out? I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

  11. Due to a system upgrade, all of the email addresses for our agency have been changed. Most importantly the general HEAB email address that all file maintenance changes, adds, and voucher requests should be sent to has changed to:

    Please adjust your records to reflect the new general HEAB email address along with the following email address changes:

      Alice Winters: alice.winters@heab.state.wi.us
      Barb Moermond: barbara.moermond@heab.state.wi.us
      Cindy Lehrman: cindy.lehrman@heab.state.wi.us
      Jane Hojan-Clark: jane.hojan-clark@heab.state.wi.us
      John Whitt: john.whitt@heab.state.wi.us
      Lee Hellickson: lee.hellickson@heab.state.wi.us
      Lowell Maves: lowell.maves@heab.state.wi.us
      Meghan Jackson: meghan.jackson@heab.state.wi.us
      Mary Lou Kuzdas: mary.kuzdas@heab.state.wi.us
      Sherrie Nelson: sherrie.nelson@heab.state.wi.us
      Sandy Thomas: sandy.thomas@heab.state.wi.us

I thank you once again for your feedback! I appreciate your thoughts! My phone number is 608.264.6181, FAX: 608.267.2808, EMAIL: jane.hojan-clark@heab.state.wi.us and snailmail: HEAB, P.O. Box 7885, Madison,WI 53707-7885.


Jane Hojan-Clark, Acting Executive Secretary
Higher Educational Aids Board


The Monthly Memo Archive

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