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The Monthly Memo Archive

The Monthly Memo

August 1, 1998

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to thank everyone for making the transition from a paper to a "paperless" process practically transparent. I appreciate all your work! We do hope to make the Advantis Hook-up an option in the near future. Some progress has been made. Our systems area has recently had to place more attention on the Y2K conversion project. Since the 1999-2000 academic year financial aid processing cycle really begins next February, this conversion project has become more of a priority than some of our other system related projects.

If you and your institution have not already begun the process of converting your system to be Y2K compliant, I recommend that you begin the process as soon as possible. In order to participate in the 1999-2000 State administered financial aid programs, your system will need to be Y2K compliant.

Other Points:

  1. The final 1997-98 notification lists and other associated reports were printed 7/14/98 (mailed 7/15/98).

  2. For those of you who have refunds left to send back to HEAB for 1997-98, please clearly label them as such and include the information requested on the July Monthly Memo (#3).

  3. 1998-99 notification lists and other associated reports are scheduled to print 8/4/98 and 8/18/98.

  4. The 1998-99 vouchering process will begin August 4, 1998. We will continue to run the vouchering process on Tuesday and Friday nights of each week. We have already begun receiving these requests. Please keep in mind that it takes two to three business days after the vouchering process runs before checks are physically printed. So please plan accordingly. Contact me if you have any questions.

  5. The Higher Educational Aids Board met July 24th. The agenda primarily consisted of biennial budget related issues which the board acted on. The due date to submit the 1999-2001 Biennial Budget Request is September 15th. The next Board meeting will be held on October 23, 1998, in Madison. Financial Aid Administrator Representatives on the Board include Mary Jo Green, Sr. Mary Beth Kornely, and Steve Van Ess.

  6. A HEAB Residency Status Committee has been established that will review residency status related cases. If it is not clear based on the statutes whether a student is a Wisconsin resident or not, please have the student complete the Residency Status Form and submit it to the Higher Educational Aids Board. The committee will review the student's case and will make a residency determination. Please let me know if you have any questions related to this process.

  7. Those of you who are currently sending FM and V requests directly to Barb Moermond, please begin sending those request to the general HEAB email address: HEABmail@heab.state.wi.us. This will allow these requests to be logged and tracked. Thank you.

I appreciate your feedback and thoughts! My phone number is 608.264.6181, FAX: 608.267.2808, EMAIL: jane.hojan-clark@heab.state.wi.us and SNAILMAIL: HEAB, P.O. Box 7885, Madison, WI 53707-7885.


Jane Hojan-Clark, Acting Executive Secretary
Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board


The Monthly Memo Archive

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