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The Monthly Memo Archive

The Monthly Memo

July 7, 1997

Dear Colleagues,

Once a month I plan to send a memo to the Financial Aid Community to provide updates, ask for input, make requests, and for a multitude of other things that haven't occurred to me yet. You will receive this correspondence via email if you have access, or via fax if you do not have email. Each school should receive at least one copy. There are some schools that have multiple contacts and therefore will receive multiple copies. Those schools who are receiving only one copy, please share this correspondence with the other staff members in your department. Please let me know if you would like to add or delete someone from this mailing. It is preferable that if someone would like to be added to our email address list, that they email their request to me.

  1. The notification list and other associated reports dated 6/25/97 were mailed 7/1/97. The mailing included the 1997-98 notification list and up to three error lists. Please be aware that some of the students indicated on the error lists were included on the notification list with an award calculated. Please ignore the calculated award. We hope to have the calculated award converted to zero on the next list. There were also a number of continuing TIP recipients whose eligibility and award did not appear on this notification list. (This group of students include those who were first time recipients in 1996-97 whose checks were vouchered after May 1st.) They will appear on the next list. Also be aware that the year noted on the top of some of the error lists did not reflect 1997-98. We manually wrote in 1997-98. The next run will also have this adjustment made. How often would you like these reports? Every other week? Once a month? Would you like this in a "non paper" medium? Please let me know what kind of format changes you would like to see made to this output.

  2. July 1, 1997, we received new data from Health and Family Services (HFS) indicating the names of individuals who are delinquent in child support payments. We are in the process of interfacing this list with our student data base. The next notification list will incorporate the July 1st data. Since the 6/25/97 notification list incorporated the most recent data that we had received from HFS, which was from January of 1996, you might consider holding off on making changes to your student records until you receive the next notification list. We will be meeting with staff from HFS in the near future to discuss more frequent and accurate information sharing.

  3. A new general HEAB email address has been established that all file maintenance changes, adds, and voucher requests should be sent to. The address is:


    This address is effective July 7, 1997. If you have used the email method in the past, please use the same procedure as before. Continue to put your school code and the file type (add, change, or voucher request) in the subject line. Please include your HEAB school code. It is important because your school may not be clear from your email address. A copy of the file format is attached.

  4. Beginning with the academic year 1998-99, HEAB will no longer accept tape or paper requests for adds, changes or vouchers. Submission of refunds will also no longer be accepted on paper. Data should be submitted using one of the following methods:

    1. FTP
    2. email
    3. diskette

    Note: It is preferable that data be sent using the FTP method.

    If there is any way that you can convert to FTP, email, or diskette for 1997-98, it would be most appreciated. If you need help with converting from tape or paper, our staff would be more than happy to assist you. Please let me know if you would like assistance. We are also looking for schools to volunteer to begin submitting refunds via FTP, email, or diskette for 1997-98. Please let me know if you would be willing to be a test site.

  5. We are currently drawing down all changes to student records from the federal processor that both the student and schools make. At what point would you like this to no longer occur? August 1st? Do you want us to continue throughout the academic year?

  6. Are the WHEG and WTG look up charts helpful? Do you want us to continue to provide them?

  7. In October of 1997, each school will be asked to confirm the enrollment for the students that have listed that particular school. Based on your response, we plan to delete the students from your notification list who are not enrolled at your school if your school was listed on the student's FAFSA. These students will remain on our master data base and could be easily added if they enroll for second semester. This will assist us in getting a better sense of what funds remain to be spent.

  8. Vouchering for 1997-98 will begin on August 1, 1997. Please request funds for students who are registered or who you know will indeed be attending your school. This will assist in reducing the number of refunds that are sent back. Please return refunds as soon as possible. This allows us to determine the remaining amount to be spent for each program.

  9. Please be aware that at the end of 1997-98 there will be a June 15, 1998, deadline for submitting all adds, changes, vouchers, and refunds.

Please submit one response per school to each of the questions indicated above by July 18, 1997. Please do this via email, if you have access. My email address is:

Please be aware that my office hours are from 6:45AM to 2:15PM. I will check my voice mail (608.264.6181) after 2:15PM. Eventually, I hope to also be able to check my email after 2:15PM too. I will keep you posted.

Your input is very valuable!!!!

Thank you in advance for your thoughts!!!


Jane Hojan-Clark, Administrator
Division of Programs and Policy
Higher Educational Aids Board


The Monthly Memo Archive

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